Most Common Crimes in the United States


Property crimes were reported about every three seconds in the U.S., and a violent crime was reported about every 22 seconds. Those are sobering statistics. Contrary to what most people think, property crimes are undoubtedly the most reported crimes in the USA, not violent offenses; property crimes are about ten times more prevalent than violent crimes. Property crimes reported per annum while violent crimes hover somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 million each year. complete more than ten million

List of Common Crimes

Vehicle Theft

Burglars do a thriving business in stolen autos, apparently – there are more than a million stolen cars in the U.S. every year. Auto theft accounts for more than ten percent of all reported crimes annually in the United States.
In the land of limos and Audis, individuals get their vehicles stolen on a frequent basis. Regardless of how safe you think your precious vehicle is, the possibility of it getting stolen constantly remains wide open. In one year alone, over two hundred thousand cases of car theft are reported. A substantial number of these thefts also go unreported. All this merely goes to show that owning a vehicle in America can often cost more than only the marked price. For the Americans – just buy another but when it gets stolen, the remedy is simple.

Domestic violence

This involves not just assault by either of the spouses on the other, but also infliction of violence on other family members like kids. Ironically, records of domestic violence are among the worst in the country that is reputed for valuing and upholding human rights. Though such episodes are often just consequences of frustration and anger in American citizens, it’s a shame that it is the family that has to bear the brunt of this rage. Domestic violence not only hurts people physically, additionally, it may leave a long-term mental impression on the casualties. Young children being assaulted leads to instances of depression, which creates further predicaments such as alcoholism and drug addictions.

Any crime classified as a Domestic Violence-related offense carries specific minimum mandatory penalties, including completion of at least 16 hours of Domestic Violence counseling. A conviction for Domestic Violence can also be utilized against you as a basis for obtaining a protective order or in a divorce proceeding if the parties are having a custody dispute. Those convicted of Domestic Violence-related crimes may also be subject to enhanced or increased penalties if they receive future convictions for other Domestic Violence offenses.


The robbery comes in at number five on the top five most common offenses in the United States. Robbery is not simple theft – it is a violent crime, and larceny performed directly on a person or location. That is robbery if you’re ever mugged. A stickup of a supermarket or liquor store clerk is robbery. There are close to half a million robberies annually in America, and they account for about 3 percent of all crime.

Are you currently surprised at the most common crimes in the United States? Many people believe that murder and rape will fall somewhere on that top five list, but it has never happened. Violent crimes, while common, are never as abundant as the public thinks, and property crimes are much more likely to happen. So lock your doors and stay vigilant; you never know who might be waiting out there, and you don’t need to be part of the FBI’s data.


Sex sells and it sells well. Americans are more than willing to pay for casual intercourse with women who will oblige them in return for payment. Prostitution is prevalent in different forms; either as brothels, street prostitution or the deceptively named ‘escort services.’ However, with the exception of Nevada, which permits legal prostitution in a few forms, prostitution is considered against the law in every one of the other states of the United States of America. Prostitutes are a temptation for married people too. Where minors are often pushed into the organization this trouble is worse in cases of underage prostitution. But the question of whom to criminalize – the prostitutes, the customers, or both – still remains an unanswered conundrum.


Production, trade, trafficking, consumption; every aspect of drugs in declared illegal by the law of America. The state has an official policy of ‘war on drugs’ – that’s how poor the condition has become. There is another section of the police department, the Drug Enforcement Agency, which functions completely for preventing drug misuse. There are a plethora of drugs that are haunting the country today methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, steroids, – heroin and so on – the list is neverending. Despite its best efforts, the authorities have been completely inept at solving this problem. A libertarian minority also believes that the fight against drugs itself is useless because individuals should be let to select what is right for them and what’s not. At the end of the day, the fight rages on – with a judgment far from sight.


Life is ’sed by taking away someone else without a justification; the worst and the most common of the lot. Homicide is founded on an easy philosophy – of placing your own life over that of another. Americans do it all the time without understanding the repercussions of the act on the remaining members of the family. And these just aren’t random incidents like school shootings, acts of self-defense or racially motivated killings. The problem goes a lot deeper because it is an ideology that the US Government itself seems to espouse. The Government justifies killing innocents while ‘battling terrorism’. They validate murdering civilians of other nations in during the occupation of Iran and Afghanistan. It can safely be said that this issue isn’t localized simply to the American citizens; it pervades the Government also. And nothing that is much more pitiable than that.